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Donate Life Rose Parade 2019

Rhythm of the Heart

Celebrating its 16th year, The Donate Life Rose Parade® Float continues its mission to save and heal lives by sharing the gift of life and delivering the message of organ, eye and tissue donation to the world. Families of deceased donors are honored to see their loved ones’ floral images highlighted as part of the float. Living donors and recipients bring the float to life by riding or walking beside the float. This year’s parade theme, The Melody of Life, celebrates the power of music in bringing us together.

The 2019 Donate Life Rose Parade® Float, Rhythm of the Heart, highlights the musical diversity and rhythms of Africa. Djembe drums from Senegal, along with a Kuba drum from the Congo will carefully integrate 44 floral portraits in their beautiful design, honoring the brave lives of deceased donors. Overlooking the floragraphs is a dramatic double Senufo mask from the Ivory Coast that gives thanks to ancestors and remembers those who have gone before. The double face suggests male, and female, past, and present generations, as well as the interconnectedness of all of those who have been touched by the power of donation. Twenty-six living donors or transplant recipients ride or walk beside the float, gathering around the drums, a giant marimba from Ghana, and an exotic kora from Burkina Faso. The kora and marimba play important parts in the passing down of stories of previous generations in song. Rising over the rear of the float are spectacular chiwara headdress from Mali; these stylized antelope headdresses are featured in dances that teach youth the value of community, in the same way the donation and transplantation community come together to share the importance of donation.

As the world's most visible campaign to inspire organ, eye and tissue donation, the Donate Life Rose Parade® Float inspires viewers to save and heal more than one million people in need of organ, eye and tissue transplants each year. Register today to become an organ, eye or tissue donor by visiting

Click to download a copy of this press release: Donate Life Parade 2019 Press Release

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Every donation helps us continue to keep Trenton's Legacy alive which in turn can help save the lives of others.

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Our Cause

The goal of Trenton's Legacy is to save lives by educating and inspiring people to become an organ, eye and tissue donor through the Donate Life registry. Supporting Donor Families and Recipient Families with aftercare. Making a difference in the lives of others.

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News and Events

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Beloved Son - Trenton's Legacy

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Donate Life Floragraph Honoree

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Donate Life Floragraph Honoree

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Organ/Tissue Donation Facts

Being an organ donor can make a tremendous impact on the quality of another person's life. Here are a few quick facts to put into perspective the importance of donating life:


People in the U.S. are on the donation waiting list


People die each day while waiting for a donation


Minutes is all it takes for a new person to be added to the donor list


Organ donor can change the lives of up to 75 people

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